In difficult, uncertain times TASC knows employers are making tough decisions affecting millions of people including retention plans, layoffs, terminations and furloughs. We are ready to help. TASC is here to help businesses offer their employees responsive benefits.

Benefit Accounts

TASC is here to help businesses with benefits that make sense. Plan for the unexpected and provide flexible options to meet a variety of needs and circumstances. Consider adding benefit accounts that help employees during changing and challenging times.

Home Office Account

Do you have employees working remotely on a temporary or permanent basis? The Home Office Account can be added to your benefit plans to reimburse your employees for the cost of qualified office equipment and supplies necessary to sufficiently equip their home office or workstation.

Work Clothes Account

Fund a Work Clothes Account to reimburse your employees for the clothing and equipment they are required to wear for their profession. This includes necessary uniforms and safety items to be worn, such as protective goggles, gloves, or shoes required to perform their jobs

Emergency Savings Account

Give employees an easy way to put away money for a “rainy day.” Having an account where they regularly deposit funds means they are planning ahead for unplanned emergencies or situations. 

Health Saving Account

Allow employers and employees to make tax-free payroll contributions to pay for certain out-of-pocket medical expenses with a Health Savings Account. Contributions to the HSA may be made pre-tax by the employee.

Back-Up Care Reimbursement Account

Back-Up Care Reimbursement Account offers employees peace of mind when they face unexpected dependent care challenges. Employers can fund this account to help employees secure and pay for temporary care for their dependents, young and old, when regular care falls through.

Life Event PTO Account

As an employer you can give extra PTO time during times of crisis or unplanned life events (legal matters, identity theft, immigration needs) for affected employees.

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